Jewish Press Group of Tampa Bay, Inc. - Ad Design Service & Proofs
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Ad Design Services

     The Jewish Press accepts camera-ready ads or on a limited basis will design and create ads to use in the Jewish Press — at no extra charge.
     The paper will design an ad utilizing its in-house resources including limited fonts and graphics, based on the advertiser’s suggestions. The advertiser must supply print-quality artwork such as company logos, photos, etc. as a pdf, tif, jpg or eps.
     If an advertiser wants a very specific ad with specialty fonts and graphics — or if the advertiser needs multiple choices before a decision can be made — that advertiser needs to employ a graphic design agency to produce a camera-ready ad.

Proofs & Responsibilities

     One proof is allowed for minor changes or corrections.
     Proofs should be checked carefully for typographical errors, especially in names, addresses, telephone numbers.
     Once the advertiser checks the proof and approves it for publication, the Jewish Press is not responsible for errors in the ad.
     The Jewish Press also takes no responsibility for errors in camera-ready ads.
     The paper and its printer make every effort to publish the highest quality photos and other graphics, but cannot guarantee the newsprint reproduction. Advertisers should also be advised that the color they see on their computer screen is not necessarily exactly the same as what will appear in the paper.