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Jewish Press Obituary Policy

     The Jewish Press publishes obituaries of Jewish community members who are local residents, former local residents or those who have immediate family living in the area, as a FREE public service.
     Information published is at the sole discretion of the Jewish Press.
     To make sure your loved one’s obituary is included in the paper, ask the funeral director to send the information to the Jewish Press.
     Note: Since the major secular newspapers in the Tampa Bay area do not publish full obituaries for free, the Jewish Press is often sent the same obituary text as is appearing in paid obituaries elsewhere. That obituary does not always include the same information that the Jewish Press publishes for free.
     Jewish Press free obituaries may include the deceased’s:
     • place of birth
     • current residence and when they moved to the area and from where
     • age
     • education
     • occupation
     • memberships (particularly Jewish organizations), honors
     • memorial donation preference
     • survivors The listing of survivors is limited to naming the immediate family (life partner, spouse, children, parents and siblings) and should include their first and last names and their place of residence. The number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren should also be included.
     If such information does not appear in the paid notice sent to the secular newspaper, it has to be provided to the funeral home specifically for the Jewish Press or sent to us directly. If being sent by family, give the sender’s full name, relationship and daytime contact information. Name the funeral home and its location (city and state), if any.
     Contact information (submitter’s name, relationship, day-time telephone, email and name/city of funeral home) must be included if sent to paper directly.
     Email, mail to Jewish Press, P.O. Box 6970, Clearwater, FL 33758 or fax (727) 440-6037.