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How to Create an Article

Workers are pleased.

Our Hometown Newspaper CMS & Digital Publishing Platform

Welcome to the first video tutorial on our hometown’s prepress and digital publishing platform for newspapers.

The first step is writing the articles, which you can do directly in the WordPress CMS.

When logged in, I go to the WordPress dashboard and click the “articles” tab.

This brings up the article index, where I can see all the stories in the CMS.

To create a new article, I can hit “Add New”, which brings up a blank text editor.

I’ll go on to write the story here, upload images through the media library, and format for digital.

Another way to submit articles to the site is by emailing them.

I’ll create an email draft, put my headline as the subject, write the article in the body, upload any images I want to include, and send to a dedicated email address that we can help you setup.

If I go back to the article index, you see the article appears as a draft and it has the headline, body and images that I submitted.

At this point you can go live with the article, or schedule it to go live in the future.

In order for the article to appear on the front page, I need to assign it to a category, so I will set it to “Top News”.

And finally I need to set the featured image, which controls the image appearing on the homepage and any other index pages that the article is included in.

Then hit “Publish” to go live with the article.

And if I go back to the homepage, you’ll see I have the new article in the first position of the top stories section.

At this point, I’d like you to test your knowledge by going to your prototype site, logging in, and trying to post a new article on the homepage.
If you have any questions, contact for support.

Once you’ve successfully posted the article, you’ll be ready to continue on to our next tutorial on “Editorial Workflow Tools”. See you then!